Solink is a leading cloud-based solution that identifies in store customer & employee fraud at the Point of Sale and automatically assigns the associated video footage to the transaction providing investigators with the required situational awareness to respond in the most appropriate manner. The evidence is centrally stored and quickly retrieved when needed.

StarForce Technologies has extensive expertise in protecting digital information from copying, hacking, and unauthorized use. Since 2000 they have been successfully developing and implementing state-of-the-art software solutions to provide copyright and intellectual property protection worldwide.

StarForce's key goal is to provide a full range of technical services to protect digital confidential information and software for every business type against a wide number of threats. Company's concept is defined as "3I": Intelligence, Innovation, and Integration.

Whispli is a secure anonymous communications company with a mission to let people speak up anonymously and safely. Fraudsec opens and secures the flow of information between people with sensitive information and the organisations which need it.

Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, Inc. is licensed to teach the Reid Method* of Criminal Interviews and Interrogations by John E. Reid and Associates. As a result, WZ is the only organization providing training in both the non-confrontational WZ Method and the confrontational Reid Method* of interview and interrogation techniques. This unique combination allows WZ to successfully partner with clients in law enforcement, human resources, and investigators throughout the private sector. WZ currently conducts over 360 seminars a year. Since 1982, WZ has conducted thousands of seminars and educated hundreds of thousands of professional investigators. WZ has developed customized basic and advanced seminars for law enforcement agencies, federal agencies, military units, human resource professionals and private sector investigators. The principles and techniques taught by WZ are accepted world wide. WZ opened an office in The United Kingdom in 2009 and has conducted seminars across Canada, Europe, Mexico, South America, Africa and Asia.

Ethoca alerts is an award winning service used by thousands of ecommerce merchants and online businesses to stop fraud, eliminate chargebacks and increase acceptance. Leveraging Ethoca’s global collaboration network, it provides the industry’s largest source of cardholder confirmed fraud and customer dispute data – direct from the card issuer source. Ethoca Alerts arrive in near real time rather than weeks later through the normal chargeback process. Merchants now have advance notification of impending chargebacks and can take immediate action to stop them at the source, eliminating unnecessary costs and poor customer experience. 

Aisle411 offers a mobile indoor mapping and location services platform that allows them to offer solutions to guests, staff and corporate level analytics teams. Some of the use cases include navigating guests to points of interest, building assets, and product shelf level accuracy navigation of shopping lists, all with context and location relevant information that enhances the experience. Aisle411’s proprietary indoor mapping software and data optimization tools allows asset tracking indoors and in-store, gleam insights on traffic, and edit their data through a cloud-based map editor. These solutions can also be used within an API offering the latest in computer-vision based augmented reality for AR navigation and experiences at real-world scale through our Tango solutions.  

Resolver’s integrated risk management software supports the Response and Recovery process when an event occurs; including Incident Reporting, Incident Response, and Investigations. Resolver help Plan and Prepare your organization to limit the likeliness or impact of events from occurring; this includes Risk Assessment, Enterprise Risk Management, Internal Control, Internal Audit, and Compliance, with over 1000 of the world’s largest organizations using Resolver cloud software to protect their employees, customers, data, brand, inventory, and shareholders across 100 countries with offices in North America, United Kingdom, and the Middle East.

Hardcat is widely regarded as a world leader in fixed asset management solutions. It develops the renowned Hardcat fixed asset management software application. Hardcat's asset management software has been sold to literally thousands of the world's most prestigious corporate and government entities in about 50 countries worldwide, and there are Hardcat representatives based in every corner of the globe. A quick glance at their Client List confirms that Hardcat is a leader in its field, chosen by market leaders for the very best in fixed asset management.

Selecting a background screening company isn't necessarily a straightforward proposition. There are a wide variety of vendors in the market, each claiming to be exactly what you’re looking for.

As an employer, it helps to understand what separates an excellent employment screening provider from a mediocre one. By choosing HireRight, you can be confident that the information you receive is from a trusted navigator and innovator of global talent solutions.

Retail industry experts in Physical Inventory - has the world's largest Self-Scanning fleet. Backed by a comprehensive, secure and scalable management suite we enable the rapid collection of raw inventory data and convert it into valuable, actionable Inventory Information. Datascan provides a range of industry leading Self-Scan Inventory Data Solutions, all developed with the objective of transforming raw inventory data into valuable, actionable information through cloud based software and supports more than 60,000 client counts in over 42 countries annually.










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