One of the most valuable tools for a successful business is identifying strength of integrity and good business practices in your staff, suppliers and vendors. JARD provides a range of information verification and screening services.



JARD provides an in-house service that performs document screening and validation. This can include education certificates, professional licences and registration certificates (among many more.) By validating your documentation with a third party, you can rest assured that your paperwork is genuine, and in order. Our extensive experience with Arabic customs and shipping documents throughout the Middle East also enables us to provide import, shipping and duty administration verification.


At JARD we recognise that employing the right staff is critical to business success. To support this, we provide a range of employee screening services from criminal record checks, motor vehicle records, identity checks, employment history verification, credit checks, employment eligibility verification to executive screenings.


JARD can supply risk-based screening of your vendors, and provide compliance programmes for your business partners within the UAE and across the GCC. This ensures that the regulatory requirements of your business are satisfied, and fosters solid, long-term business relationships with your potential vendors and partners. It also protects your business against possible litigation or legal problems, should your potential vendors be non-compliant.