At JARD, we apply our experience across the GCC region, and international business to provide useful and relevant market information. We empower our clients by supplying insightful and up-to-date intelligence that matters. 


Our years of experience in the retail, brand and local business markets in the GCC region has allowed us to develop a database of local corporations and vendors. We also supply a security, safety and customs regulations register specific to operations across the GCC. We supply relevant and actionable market intelligence.


Our statistics on customer preferences and habits provide a valuable insight for our clients. We assist our clientele to develop realistic and attractive marketing strategies, based on solid marketing and sales information, relevant to local tastes and interests.


At JARD, we use the data gathered from in-store activities and purchasing habits to advise our clients on the best possible way to focus their sales and marketing efforts. By helping our clients to understand the market landscape, we assist them in applying their budgets and resources in the most efficient way, resulting in measurable return on investment.