Our vast experience in the field of asset risk and security programmes enables us to provide the very best recommendations, and the highest quality in assessing, measuring and identifying the risk factors within your company.


Our service is primarily aimed at evaluating the security and safety threats and risks that are associated to a specific location and/ or the activity performed therein. This includes evaluating the efficacy of physical security, electronic countermeasures and procedural controls that are (or should be) deployed to mitigate the identified threats and risks. JARD is also capable of providing due diligence security and safety risk and threat assessments to organisations that intend to enter and establish a presence in any specific region, country or city.


A business impact assessment can be vital in identifying future problems or disruptions in your business flow. JARD assesses the possible impact of losses in assets, time and resources and establishes recovery and avoidance programmes to address and alleviate these problems if they should ever arise.


The business continuity plan enables a company to guarantee product and service delivery at a constant rate. We develop practical and realistic work-flow programmes and schedules, ensuring all the needed resources, skills and materials are available so you can continue delivering to your customers on time, every time.