At JARD, we apply our experience in supply chain security and inventory management within the GCC region to help our clients prevent loss. We advise on legal and regulatory requirements and provide reports on potential losses or discrepancies. We identify inventory problems such as loss due to theft or damage and provide practical process improvements and procedures.


JARD has a complete understanding of stock threats and risks within the supply chain, as well as experience in implementing international processes and standards (i.e. ISO 28001 and TAPA). We provide real-world solutions and management tools that help our clients to prevent loss throughout the supply chain.


We offer an independent inventory counting and validation service at every point of the supply chain. In this way, our clients can identify problems in their supply chain and adjust their systems. Our systems enable us to count your inventory up to 35% faster, and provide accurate, real-time reporting. Our inventory counting and validation service can be modified to suit the needs of each of our individual clients, whether they require an outsourced, on-site service, or a dedicated in-house team. 


JARD specialises in loss prevention and identifying shrinkage within your inventory. We create full-service plans, schedules and checking-mechanisms that are suited to the business needs and systems of every individual client. We build solid, long-term strategies for our clients that prevent loss and save them money.